Wine photography

Wine Photography

We would like to introduce our brand to your winery for all your wine photography needs. Osha Creations is a food and product photography business based in Los Angeles, CA. We produce high-quality images for wineries, be it for website, online or print. We understand that brands need to invest in exciting photography services to meet its unique needs and keep competitors at bay.

The best memories come with photos to remember them and we believe a visual online and offline presence is essential for any winery. We can help your brand stand out. Savoring good wine doesn’t begin and end in a bottle. Making wine is like reading a good book or watching an intriguing movie – everyone wants to see the end result. People appreciate the art if they are taken on a journey. Wine means a lot of things to many people; to some, it is magic in a bottle and to others, it is a celebration of the senses.

Osha Creations will help you tell that story in pictures; from a cute shot of the first planted grapes, to back-breaking but rewarding nurturing and harvesting images. Imagine these raw and unadulterated pictures of different wine-making processes displayed at your winery, social media or website. Taking pictures is more than a click of the camera. Picture the viewer imagining that rich burst of flavor on his tongue through the picture he sees. It is clicking on the link in your bio to book an appointment for tasting. It is going to the wine aisle at the local grocery store to search for your wine.  We can make this happen by capturing the authencity and uniqueness of your wines, winery and vineyard, as well as its spirit and message.

Our wine photography services

-Professional photography of your building interior and wine bottles that offer customers confidence before visiting your winery.

–Bottle shots, table tops, food and pairings, vineyard and winery photographs and gift sets.

Why should you work with us?

It’s simply because from small task to large campaigns, we execute with passion, precision and perfection. We deliver compelling images that target customer attention. We are prompt, professional and have the right equipment to take striking images from different corners, angles and locations.

Our approach is fresh and vibrant  and we know how to tell the stories your winery needs as well as convey a mood or feeling with just the right lighting. Previous clients and their testimonials can be found on our website here.

Contact Us

If this is something you would be interested in, I would be available for a brief chat. Kindly reach us via our email, website or call us. You can also find us on Instagram.